Girly-Girl is NOT a Four-Letter Word

2014-11-27 18.39.50

The other day my 9 year old daughter came home very upset. She said that one of the girls at school was calling her a “girly-girl” (like it’s a bad thing). She also told her that she needs to like superheroes more!

My daughter is strong! Very strong! Mentally and physically. She also likes doing her nails, anything pink and dresses. She dislikes bugs, hiking and apparently superheroes. These things do not diminish her strength.

It seems like everywhere we turn today (social media, commercials and ad campaigns) girls are being pushed to be strong, play sports, like colors other than pink and not be interested in how they dress. What we need to keep in mind,  is we need to create a culture where girls are free to show their strength in a way that compliments WHO they are. I believe we are swinging too far in the direction of telling our girls what we think makes a strong girl, and really most of these things are superficial. Strength comes from the inside.

Let’s not shame our girls for liking Princesses or not enjoying sports. Strength comes from self confidence, and how can our girls become confident in their own skin when we keep telling them who they are, and not let them become their authentic selves?