Mother’s Day: A day of heavy reflection


Mother’s Day is supposed to be filled with homemade gifts, breakfast in bed, smiles, kisses and love. This is true for me…I am so fortunate to have all these things. But with this day also comes heavy reflection.

Mother’s Day has become a day of mixed emotion for me. As the days until Mother’s day slowly close in, I feel my heart getting heavier and heavier. I don’t take this day lightly:

A child born to another woman calls me mom.

The depth of that tragedy,

and the magnitude of the privilege are not lost on me

~Jody Landers

I think about each of my children; their uniqueness, their smile and laughter, and then I think of the their “Belly Moms” that gave them the gift of life, but will never know that sound of their laughter, or see the smiles across their faces. It is difficult for me to fully celebrate this day knowing that somewhere there are three women mourning their loss.


What Does Mom Want for Mother’s Day?….WINE!



I was working in Marketing for Whole Foods Market during my first Mother’s Day. I was on a marketing conference call with about a dozen other marketing people when we began Mother’s Day planning. The question came up “What does Mom want for Mother’s Day?” We were also tasked with polling other moms and finding out what they really wanted.

My first thought was, Wine! I have a habit of my thoughts becoming words before I have a chance to catch them. There was a bit of laughter, and I defended my answer with…”Really, I don’t want chocolate, that will just make me feel bloated and frumpier than I already feel, I don’t want flowers, because those just die, and any potted plant would be one more thing for me to take care of and keep alive.

About a month before Mother’s day, I was informed that they would be using my image and quote for Mother’s Day.  Across the United States in every Whole Foods Market, The image of “Wine-O Mom” hung in the windows, wine department, and on counters.  There was even a life-size cut-out of this mommy-juice sipping lady.


So to all the hard working Moms out there, I raise my glass ‘Salud’, May your ‘Mommy-glass’ runneth over!