About Cinco de Mami

I am a mom to 5 kids, all who joined our family through adoption.  Parenting is hard, parenting  5 little lives that came to us with experiences already imprinted on them offers up many more challenges. Our family is a rainbow of faces and cultures: African American, French-PuertoRican, Guatemalan and I am from Southern California. We consider ourselves “Southern-Guata-Cali-Franch-a-Rican”


Our children have taught me so much about myself. I am a fierce advocate of fostercare, adoption and racial equity . As a trans-racial adoptive mom, my heart now walks around in brown bodies.



4 thoughts on “About Cinco de Mami

  1. I am raising two sisters (part of a five sibling group) that were adopted from Guatemala. I would love to connect with you.

    Since the oldest sister been with me for three years and the next younger sister for only about 3 months…I have questions…loads of questions.

    Its a hugely complicated story…but your blog was one of the few I found that mentioned RAD without sugar-coating it or using it as a horror story.

    Thanks for writing…

    • Hi Sarah.
      I am not expert, just a Mom. But, I have learned a lot since beginning FosterCare. I appreciate the comment that …”but your blog was one of the few I found that mentioned RAD without sugar-coating it or using it as a horror story”. I personally think RAD is somewhere in between (depending on the severity of course). Please feel free to connect with me off line at CarrieBounce@gmail.com

      Thanks for writing…

  2. Hey Carrie,
    Great to see you at the college the other day. Thank you for suggesting I read your blog. I have really enjoyed your posts and it has been extremely helpful in the start of our adventure into the beginning processes of fostering. I have subscribed to the blog and look forward to future posts. You and Georges are true inspirations!! I am excited to learn more from you!!

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