STOP Doing This!

1959680_721294857892978_322306258_nAfter the Academy Awards there were lots of memes going around the next day. John Travolta, Kim Novak, and this one, pictured here. I still don’t find anything humorous about Angelina & Brad Pitts adoption story.

I don’t understand why people find it so funny  that Angelina and Brad Pitt adopted three children Internationally. Adoption is a great way to build a family. We have five adopted children two of them adopted Internationally. We are not criticized for this (at least not to our faces).  They have the resources for a large family, and rather than bringing more children into the world they have chosen to bring children waiting and wanting a chance at a forever home.

They are not the only large (by today’s standards)  ‘Hollywood” family, they just happen to be the only ones that grew their family through adoption. We never see meme’s about these other families with captions like “pregnant again?’ or “I want to impregnate you”.

137694913235014113101701197_MOtivationChris O’Donnell 5 kids

images (3)

Eddie Murphy 5 kids


So what does this say about adoption? What story is this telling our adopted kids?  Just when I think we have come so far with adoption, and our views on adoption, I am reminded that adoption families are still sometimes  viewed as ‘different’.  It’s a form of bigotry, and every time I hear/see these jokes it stings, it doesn’t feel good.

We all love the same, and we all want the same things for our children.


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