5 Reasons to ADOPT 5 Kids


I read a blog post in The Huffington Post this morning. It was titled 6 Reasons to Have 6 kids. I found the the article amusing, and shared it on my facebook page. Until a friend pointed out…”At the risk of sounding really bad here, that was a pretty awful article. Those reasons are nice reasons but not important enough to have six kids sort of reasons. Are any of those children adopted? Why bring so many into the world when so many are already here? Just MHO. Not trying to start any arguments here.” She was absolutely right! originally I went through the article and laughed, agreed with most of the items, and did the mental check…

1. It’s cheaper:

Well not exactly, our grocery bill did double, but we do pass down clothes, books and toys from kid to kid. I also learned that it’s usually cheaper to purchase the museum family membership (and in some cases, it’s tax deductible).

2. You have nice kids:

Well, I don’t know about that, I hope they are. I think the spoiled thing is more about what you decide your family values are. L&D are not any more or less spoiled then when it was just the two of them.

3. You’re not sleeping, anyway:

True, but now we are sleeping even less. With 5 kids (or 6 in her situation) the odds are against you, and at least one child is guaranteed to wake up.

4. You have a built-in entertainment system.

I do agree with this. I love watching the kids play together and there are more opportunities to learn sharing and conflict resolution skills.

5. It makes them social.

Yes, and no. I can also see how my kids have kept within the ‘safety’ of their family circle at parties, events and activities

So here is my 5 reasons to ADOPT 5 Kids!

1. There are an average of 130,000 children in the U.S. foster care system waiting to be adopted & there are an estimated 153,000,000 orphans worldwide.

2. Because each one makes my heart burst!

3. You lessen the Carbon Footprint on the world (since the children are already here).

4. It’s best to keep sibling groups together.

5. Every child deserves a forever home!


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