Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Feliz Navidad et Joyeux Noel !!!!

Quite awhile ago Georges began getting creative with our Christmas Cards. My only problem is that my over-anxious type A personality can not wait for him to get the card finished and sent out. As a result we often end up with two versions. Version #1: The average holiday card, with a photos or two and some sentimental message, but usually in time for Christmas. Then we have version #2: Creative, memorable, usually with a touch of humor, but arriving well after Christmas.

So, not to disappoint, we have a both versions again this year. I can’t show you the one that I mailed out last week, because it includes the kids faces and we are not allowed to show their faces on the internet while we are in process of adoption/fostercare. But I can tell you that the kids were dressed a like, smiling in a patch of pumpkins with the sentiment “Joy, Peace & New Beginnings”. Now here is Georges version:


And here is a retrospective of his Christmas cards from past years:










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