It Takes Two To Make Things Go Right! It Takes Two To Make It Outta Site!

2007-07-18 06.26.13

When we began our adoption process we decided we would apply for two children at the same time. We asked for one boy, one girl, both under the age of two. It was important to us to adopt two from Guatemala at the same time. It didn’t cut down on the piles of paperwork and red tape or offer any kind of financial break. It did offer our children a guarantee that they would always have someone in their lives that understands their journey, and always have someone sitting across the dinner table from them that looks like them . We felt both of these things were important. Thankfully we did bring them home at the same time, because six months later, all international adoptions in Guatemala closed.

2007-08-13 20.26.17

This past week our decision was affirmed. We were enjoying dinner, when Diego asked if he could talk to me after our meal. “Sure”. As we continued our dinner, he began to become noticeably upset, and then began to cry. I went ahead and wrapped up dinner quickly and took Diego in the room to talk. He asked that Lola come with us too.  He told me that he missed Guatemala. Since he left Guatemala one day before his first birthday, and does not have any conscious memories of it, I imagined it was something else about his adoption that was concerning him, but he was having a hard time articulating just what it was. I pulled down his special box that contains the outfit he was wearing when he came to us, the outfit he wore on the plane ride home, and the few photos we have of his “Belly”-Mom. He looked over the items, asking a few questions. Lola helped to console him, and agreed that Guatemala is a beautiful place, and some day we will visit. The comfort of knowing that Lola knew what he felt, was a huge comfort to Diego, and set this Mami’s heart at ease.2008-04-06 01.49.41


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