Please Put Your Oxygen Mask on First


Every time a plane takes off  the flight attendants remind us of this: Please put your oxygen mask on first. I think I need to record this and play  it back throughout the day. I have not been doing a very good job with “self care”. My hair is at least a month overdue for a clip and dip, and my running has been sporadic. Any traces of mindfulness: yoga or meditation have been non-existent. I have done OK with eating, because of course this involves taking care of my family.

Self-care is not selfish! Self-care is not selfish (in case you didn’t hear me the first time). In order to be the best me, and practice patience and mindfulness with my children, and have the energy and endurance to run and play with them, I must put myself first. It’s easier said than done, and even those words are difficult to say sometimes.

I notice that my patience begins to run thin, and my calm voice is replaced with bouts of yelling. This is a cue that I need to take inventory of me.  I don’t want to be a yeller, I grew up in a yeller-home.

Once a month I gather with a group of women, this is my circle. We are a group of eight moms, we share experiences, reflecting on one word or one idea. We come together to hold each other up. My circle time is sacred, but even with that said, there are times I have had to miss it, due to something going on with the family. In the early days of baby-girls arrival, I would take her to circle with me, anything not to miss this special time.


Recently I bought a subscription to Birchbox. This has become a pleasure for me. Every month I receive a pretty little box in the mail. Inside are several samples of body care items wrapped in pretty pink tissue. I use these new products all month, and just as they start to run out, my new box arrives…yea!  Since it has been over a year since I have stepped foot inside my favorite store, AVEDA, this suffices for now.


Anyone that takes care of others needs to think about what nurtures them, and make sure that they are scheduling their own care.  How can you take care of others, when you are laid out flat, frazzled beyond function or just plain burnt?

…and breathe…


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