Jestine’s Kitchen: A Story to Make Your Heart Sing

jestines door

Recently our family was on a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. After a long day of sun and water fun we ended up at Jestine’s Kitchen, a Charleston landmark eatery.  One of the things about Jestine’s Kitchenis that you have to wait in a long line that wraps around this historical building  for up to hours. Luckily we only waited about a 1/ 2 hour. I say luckily because we had the whole tribe of five with us.

Immediately we had a gentleman strike up a conversation with us. We found out he was a retired military officer from NYC. He was on a 3 month vacation on  his boat. We shared the story of our family. How we met, and became a family of 7!

Jestines line

Before we knew it, we were seated. The table next to us quickly engaged with the children and us. The owner’s of the restaurant were more than accommodating, bringing toys and activities to the table for the kids.

It was a great meal and we made a few acquaintances. When we asked for our bill, our waiter told us that someone in the restaurant had paid for our families meal. They wanted us to know that we have a beautiful family, and they wanted to do this for us.

What a beautiful gesture. Having our meal paid for was such a nice surprise, but more than that what touched me, is that someone was moved enough to act on this beautiful gesture. I hope this makes you smile, and you think of paying it forward today!


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