Raven Rock…Rocks!

april-June 2013 251

We recently traveled to Raven Rock state park for the day. It’s about 45 minutes from Raleigh.Raven Rock consists of many trails that are located high above the Cape Fear River.

april-June 2013 252

The trail challenged us a bit, but only because it is NOT stroller friendly. Bug walked it and Georges carried The Biter on his back the whole time. When I say that it is not stroller friendly, I mean it. don’t even try it. There are lots of roots and thick sand.

april-June 2013 253

We  took the Raven Rock Loop trail, which is 2.6 miles. What creates the biggest challenge is the one hundred and forty eight steps that lead to the rocks. The rocks are must see! Raven Rock is pretty impressive with the shear rock bluff overhanging the shoreline of the cape fear river. But remember, what goes down must come up 🙂 The climb up the stairs left us all a little  winded when we reached the top.

april-June 2013 287

The loop trail also includes an ‘Overlook’. Great for photo snapping and taking in a view of the Cape Fear river. The trail includes many small streams and benches along the way for picnicking. There are several covered picnic areas at the beginning of the trail, and the visitor center is worth a stop before you start your hike.

april-June 2013 293


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