Faces Behind the Masks

I get so frustrated that I feel like dressing them up in masks and  referring to them as Prince Michael, Paris and baby blanket. I also know that in time…I will be able to introduce my babies to the world.


Baby girl turned 1  last weekend. I would love to post all the obligatory cuter than cute photos on facebook and this blog. But,  until the final paper is signed, and the children are legally ours. We can’t use their real names or show their faces online.

2013-05-05 16.13.07

Sometimes it can be really frustrating. I am proud of all the cute things and milestones that my children have achieved and I want to share with our friends and family. I have files overflowing of Bug dancing, T playing soccer, or wearing one of his adorable hats that has become his signature style. We have all those cute babygirl “firsts” .

It’s funny, when friends meet the kids for the first time, there is that ‘aha’ moment…putting the faces with the pseudo-names. Then they ask…”What are their real names?”

So, for now, I will practice patience, and wait until we can introduce T, Bug and babygirl to the world.



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