Cinco de Mami

2013-05-06 19.45.32

We didn’t set out to adopt five children. But I am so thankful that we have.

When I was growing up, I didn’t babysit like all my friends. I found it boring and I wasn’t particularly fond of children. It wasn’t until the eighth grade that I fell in love with my first baby. My sister had a baby girl, and I wanted nothing more than to spend time with her. She had 3 more, and my brother had a baby.  I loved all these girls, and volunteered to babysit them at every opportunity. But,…the idea of being a Mother evaded me.

My ‘life paper’ I had to write for my senior year of high school included lots of travel, a successful career, perhaps a husband, but any hints at maternal matters was missing.

While my friends began to have children, and grow their families, I moved around a lot.(Hawaii, LA, San Diego and NYC).

It wasn’t until my late 30’s that I began to think about motherhood, and eventually made a conscious decision to become parents…we discussed the HOW of it…”well let’s see what happens first adoption or pregnancy”, and at the age of 40, we became parents through adoption.

Everyday I hear ‘Five? Oh my gosh, how do you do it?” I laugh to myself, because the truth is five really hasn’t been all that different from just two. Yes, there is some juggling and I have had to learn to be a bit more organized, but that is about it. It works for our family.


One thought on “Cinco de Mami

  1. So happy for you Carrie. You are a very special woman who has changed the lives of 5 great kids. Motherhood evaded you in your early years because the children you now have we’re destined to be yours. You just didn’t know it.
    Happy Mother’s Day

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