*Heart to Heart is The Best Way to Wear a Baby!


I mentioned a few posts back that T*Bug have a younger sister. She is now 10months old. When she was removed from her bio-mom and placed in another foster home, our caseworker talked with us about our obligation to arrange sibling visitations.  T*Bug had just lost everything and everybody, including their baby sister. Not only did they miss her, they had concerns for her. Where was she? Was she ok? So this was an obligation that I had no problem fulfilling.

Our caseworker mentioned that we did not have to meet at the social service department for visitation. We were welcome to meet anywhere, and that we could even arrange to take baby-girl for an afternoon each week, and spend time as a family together.

I liked this idea, because the idea of going to the SS office and sitting in a sterile room for an hour and having the kids try to ‘force’ this hour together was not appealing. I also didn’t want to have to take T*Bug back to the SS offices. They have bad memories of the offices and going there might be confusing for them.

We are now in our fourth weekend with baby-girl, she is fitting into our family weekends nicely.  I think it has been good for T*Bug to be with her and L*D are bonding with her as well.

I have to admit that after I take her home, for the next 24-48 hours I miss her. I carry her in a babysling  when she is with us. I am a huge advocate of ‘baby-wearing’. Georges and I carried L*D for the first year that they were home with us. I think it was great for bonding and attachment with them. So, now I use the same sling to carry baby-girl. My hands are free to wipe snotty noses, tie shoelaces or give extra hugs to the other four. But this has the added benefit of bonding time. We have gotten to know one another, baby-girl and I. And here it is…I am falling in love. Every Saturday…there she is cuddled up in the sling, heart to heart, we breathe in unison.



This weekend Miss N is going out of town, so baby-girl will be dropped off after school on Friday, and I will take her home on Sunday afternoon. This will be an interesting weekend, not because we will have her all weekend, but because it’s a busy weekend, filled with soccer games, Lola’s 7th birthday, Kadampa Center, and I have a women’s circle that is meeting this weekend (not to mention my usual weekend chores…laundry, clean house and grocery shop for the week.)

With all the chaos a fifth child will bring to our home this weekend…I will be happy to have my second heartbeat back, it’s easier to breathe with two breaths.

*Heart to Heart is The Best Way to Wear a Baby! This statement isn’t intended to say that it’s the number one way to care for a baby, but instead to signify how great it is! Try it, you’ll like it.


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