Vanilla Care, Chocolate Hair

Vanilla Care, Chocolate Hair. I can’t take credit for these words, it’s actually a really great blog that teaches white Mama’s how to care for black hair.

When T & Bug came to us, Bug’s hair was a braided mess, and T’s hair was starting to ‘lock up’. Georges took T and had his hair cut real short. That was easy.

I posted on facebook asking for advice on how to take out the braids. One of my great friends posted a website that takes you through how to take out the braids. I read several blogs and one thing that I learned is just how important the care of black hair is. What I mean by that is how other ‘Mama’s’ will judge the care of your little girl, by the care of her hair (correct me if I am wrong).  So this new information just added to the pressure of learning how to do Bug’s hair.

I took a trip to Target and was completely overwhelmed by all the products, I got some great advice from another mama that saw the bewildered look on this white mama’s face.

I washed and conditioned Bug’s hair, then I brushed it into a ‘poof’ on top of her head and finished it with a bow. Since then I have switched between two poofs and one poof.

2012-12-19 19.00.19 (2)

I have had several Moms tell me how much work it is if it’s not braided and I ought to just braid it.  To be honest, I enjoy the time we spend every morning brushing out her hair, as she brushes her baby-dolls hair.

On the first visitation with Bugs bio-mom, she seemed concerned that Bug’s hair was not in braids. On the second visit she actually brought beads and bands to braid her hair during the visit.  I don’t know if I am doing something that is viewed ‘wrong’, but as I said the time  I spend brushing out Bug’s beautiful ‘cotton candy’ hair is time that I love, how can that be wrong?


2 thoughts on “Vanilla Care, Chocolate Hair

  1. Hi Carrie, I’m an old friend of Robin Perkins. We were roommates when she was going to Otis. I just read your post about Chocolate Hair, and I’d be able to answer any questions you may have regarding Bug’s hair care. I have a friend who has adopted 2 African American girls and I help her with their hair when the need arise. The one thing I’ll stress right off is PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, stay away from chemicals: Relaxers, texturizers, etc. Email me and I we can communicate more.
    Peace and Blesssing to you and your beautiful family.

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