They Came Upon a Midnight Clear

2012-12-18 23.12.22

It was the Friday before Christmas (just 4 days away). I was rushing around getting ready to go to D&L’s Christmas performance and party for school when I got THE CALL. Even though we have been preparing for over a year, how can you really be ready? Boy? Girl? How many? Ages?

It was a 5 year old boy, T and his 2.5 year old bio-sister Bug. We accepted. Not much was known, and our usual case workers were on their way out of town to celebrate the holidays. At 3:30 they brought them to us…two sleeping angels. Little bug didn’t move from the couch for over several hours, her sadness filled the room.

I can’t imagine what these two little people were going through. To be taken from their family just days before Christmas, and put into a home that smells different, sounds different, the food is different, rules are different…NOTHING is familiar.

We spent the first night eating frozen yogurt, looking at Christmas lights and getting acquainted with each other.

By the end of this first day we saw smiles and heard laughter…everything is going to work out just like it’s supposed to.


5 thoughts on “They Came Upon a Midnight Clear

  1. I like to call it our Christmas Miracle. I believe they were a blessing for all of us. I fell in love immediately as soon as I met them. They fit right in and brought extra joy to our Christmas Day. Thank You Carrie and Georges for sharing your love with two beautiful little children that are very easy to love!

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