Visiting the Land of my Children’s Ancestors

We always planned to go back to Guatemala with L&D. Unfortunately, the crime has gotten to the point that we don’t feel comfortable taking them there right now. It was Diego’s foster Mom, who lives in Guatemala that finally convinced us that it is just not safe to visit.  It is very important to for L&D to know where they came from, and be proud of their ancestry and culture.

So when the idea to have our annual  family reunion and celebrate my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary in Cancun this year, I was thrilled! After all, at one point this area was all one region with Guatemala, and the great Maya ruled over this entire area.  It was almost 30 years ago Georges sister, moved to this little beach town on the Yucatan Peninsila called Cancun. Now, we know it as a huge tourist destination.

I have always told L&D that they are descended from Kings and Queens, and should be proud of their Maya heritage. It was great to show them the temples, and monuments left behind by these great people, and see the spark in their eye, knowing that they “get it”.

I loved watching L&D throw themselves into the carefree lifestyle the kids in Mexico are able to enjoy! Enjoying the beach, the food, the history and sharpening their Spanish language skills. Hopefully they are able to take away more from the trip then just sand between their toes.



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