The Humbling That came From My Children’s Education

This year L&D began kindergarten.  They have a little over a month left before they finnish their first school year.  It has been a year filled with fun, excitement, adventure and at times, even frustration.

The biggest surprise, might just be mine.  We were originally told that since it was a Montessori school there wouldn’t be homework. About half way through the year they began bringing homework home…in Spanish!  Their school is a Spanish school, and they are both in the immersion program.

I found out about this school about two years before L&D came home (before they were even born).  At that time, I decided that this is where we wanted our kids to go to school (if we were lucky enough to get them in, they choose by lottery).

Every time I sit down to do homework with them and struggle with a pronunciation, or instructions I think about all the parents, past and present who have struggled with a second language to give their children more opportunity in the US, and I am humbled.


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