My sweet little girl turned 6 last weekend. Her birthday was filled with friends, cake, and much celebration. I don’t think she stopped smiling even for a moment. As a mother, this warms my heart more than anything.

Every year on her birthday, we celebrate, laugh and sometimes even dance! But, I can never seem to get through the day without my heart feeling a little heavy. I am always stopped by my thoughts of a women far away, remembering this day with sadness in her heart. What has become one of the happiest days of the year for our family, is sure to be the saddest for her. This amazing women, that chose life, who carried her beautiful girl for 9 months, and then with all the love she had, she gave her to this mami that was waiting with open arms.

I always look at L on this day and think how proud her birth mama would be of her. I think of all the unanswered questions she must be thinking on this day. So, I silently answer her question…”Yes, she is loved, with all the heart and soul a Mami can give”.

Everyone talks about the miracle of birth, and it truely is a miracle. But what I have experienced is the miracle of adoption, how we opened our hearts…listened and found our way to a child!


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