Sweet Abuela Rosa

One of the reasons that we have decided to become foster parents is that L&D were both in foster care before coming home to us.  We owe so much to the women that cared for and nurtured them during their first year of life.

It was never a question that we would continue the relationship with them.  Even though our adoption agency discouraged it. We lost touch with one of them soon after coming home, she moved and we did not have the correct address. But dear Rosa has been a part of our lives since she took Diego into her arms.

We continued to talk on the phone and write to her. In 2009 she visited family in Nashville, so we took a family trip to see her. It was a great experience! A lot of people asked if we thought Diego remembered her. I don’t think he remembered her, but I do think he was familiar with her. He took to her right away (which was unusual for him) and we had a great afternoon with her.

We learned that Rosa had 2 other children in the area that she had taken care of.  We know this because she sent care packages back to the families for us to deliver. It took awhile, but we eventually met up with the families and delivered the packages.

When we found out that Rosa would be visiting the US again in the spring of 2011 we got together with the other families and flew her to the area.  She stayed almost a week, taking turns at each of our houses and a big party in her honor on Sunday. It was so special to see her with all her babies, and for her to know that they are all in good places and deeply loved. 

It was such a special time when she stayed with us.  She taught L&D how to make tortillas; she played soccer with Diego, went to dance class with Lola and braided Lola’s hair.  We watched her novellas with her, and listened to stories about Diego.

Rosa will always be an important part of our Ohana!


3 thoughts on “Sweet Abuela Rosa

  1. What a fabulous post! How very special that you have been able to keep contact with one of your foster carers. I’ve had both sides of the story – where I cared for a child until they were adopted, then after about 6months, they touched base with me again and invited me to their little girls first birthday. That has been the start of a really wonderful friendship. Then I’ve also had the situation where the parents couldn’t get out of here fast enough. I do understand that to some extent, it’s like – just give us the baby and let us get on with our lives. So, that’s OK…everyone is different BUT, for those special families who welcome and acknowledge the relationship and all the preparation we do for them – what a special link we have. I feel like my love prepares the babies for the love of their families – so we’re connected through these beautiful children.

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