It’s Not All About Me…Sometimes it’s Not About Me At All

Me & My Mom

I was having a conversation with my mom about foster care and I was expressing my frustration with some of the people in my life that are not supportive of the situation. I explained how we know what we are doing, and we are ready for this adventerous challenge.

Then…to my surprise she says:

“I know you and Georges will be great parents, and I am so glad that there are people like you that can do this, but I am worried about me! I am worried that I will fall in love with the baby and be heartbroken if they are reunited with their parents”

WOW! How selfish of me I thought. I had considered this from so many angles and have had hundreds of conversations with L & D preparing them for the situation, but I  had never once thought about the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins…close friends. I am fortunate that we have such a loving extended family. It’s always interesting when someone shows you a situation from a different viewpoint,and opens your eyes and heart.


4 thoughts on “It’s Not All About Me…Sometimes it’s Not About Me At All

  1. That is such a cute picture of you and your mom!! Leave it up to our moms to open our eyes from a different point of view but you are right, you have a very supportive and loving group of friends and family (me included) who will be there for your highs and lows.And you guys are great parents and I am will remain prayerful that all things work in your favor!!

  2. Hi Simone, enjoyed reading your posts. This one about your mum in particular. I’m a foster carer who sometimes cares for babies who are to be adopted. I pick them up from the hospital and care for them until they go to their new families. I’m in Australia, so our system is different here, but for us this process can take an average of around 5 months, but sometimes longer. I really love caring for these little darlings. I have other foster kids as well, both short & long term, so I know how hard it is to say goodbye to a bubba who you have loved and who has loved you. It’s not something that everyone would enjoy but I love it despite the challenges. My parents (who aren’t spring chickens) have also really enjoyed the ever-changing dynamic that a foster family is. All my kids have loved them in that way kids & grandparents connect. So tell your mum – yes, she’s going to fall in love with these kids and yes, she will shed a tear or two when they move on but she will be so much more alive because of them. I hope it’s all coming together, Rose

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