When is the Baby Coming?

Lately friends have been asking “when is the baby coming”. In this post I thought I would update everyone where with where we are in the licensing process.

We have our Fire Marshall visit on Tuesday.  We have to have wall mounted fire extinguishers, and a ‘POSTED’ fire escape route for this visit.  This will be our first fire inspection. I think it is quite funny some of the things that are required of us. Our house is small…I think someone would have a more difficult time finding our fire escape route than actually finding a way out on their own.  But, it is required and we are used to jumping through the hoops that agencies require of us.

The never ending, HUGE File!

We still need:

Then the whole family including the dogs need health certificates and TB tests. (D&L have theirs).

The interesting thing is that nothing really overlaps between everything we had to do for L&D’s adoption and what we need to do to become licensed foster parents.  At least the paperwork is nowhere near what we had to do with L&D.


After we have all these things done, then we have another home visit.  So that is where we are at. Once we are completely licensed, our placement call could be that very day, or a few months.




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