The Terrifying, Horrible, Dreaded Home Visit!

We have now had 5 home visits. A home visit is when a social worker comes out to your house, interviews you and looks around and inspects the house, the amount of  `snooping’ depends on the social worker.

We had no idea what to expect from our first home visit. We spent weeks getting ready for this visit, painting, scrubbing and storing `questionable’ items away in rubbemaid boxes that fit under our bed.  My parents came over the last few days and I asked my Mom to walk through the house and let me know what items she thinks might be ‘questionable’.  I think that she had been waiting my entire life (or at least since my teens) to have this opportunity. I had to stop her at the Dia de los Muertos sculpture…”What is wrong with this? L&D are from Guatemala, Dia de los Muertos is a happy celebration there?” “Well you asked me to tell you what I thought was weird.” she replied.  The skull stayed, the photo of one of my favorite Uncles (Uncle Bill) flipping off the camera got packed away in the box.

 I have to share the photo that we sent in for our application/visit.  Those that know us know that this is hysterical, we are NOT this Norman Rockwell.

5 visits later, I did not put anything in boxes, I did not paint or even bake muffins this time. This visit had much more ‘snooping’ and actually had an interview with L&D, and I never know what those two 5 year olds will say! “Do you guys eat pretty healthy, or do you get to eat a lot of candy and things?” Diego’s reply: “We eat candy…at Easter!” , then Lola joined in “We also get to eat candy at Halloween”  That is pretty much the truth too! I know now that  with most things in life, it is better to be true to your authentic selves, just put your best YOU forward, and the truth will shine through! The truth will shine through the skeletons, the tattoos, and any other `questionable’ items .  What is the truth? The truth is that we can provide  a loving, safe home, with some crazy quirkiness thrown in.   So bring on those next 4+ home visits!


3 thoughts on “The Terrifying, Horrible, Dreaded Home Visit!

  1. you two will provide a home that will nurture a child and give them a sense of what is creative and unique in the world. They will have a to shine with their own light and welcome the adventure ahead because of the love you have made ready to welcome them with. oh who are you lucky person who is coming be with our friends?

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