We are very fortunate that we are able to make a living doing what we love: Making Art and Creative Marketing. We are also fortunate, because this allows so much family time. Most of the time, L&D are right there with us. True…our careers may not make us millionaires, but for us, success is measured by our spiritual and emotional happiness, the time we spend together. So, in our eyes and hearts we are richer than The Donald.


I titled this blog ‘field notes’ because our careers offer a lot of family travel opportunities. Our latest trip was to Philadelphia, where Georges was part of the ‘Art in the Open’ exhibition. We spent 5 days/nights in that vibrant city. 


On the way we stopped and spent the evening with my little cousin Johnny, and his family (he’s only 1 1/2 years younger) Johnny and his family are part of our extended Ohana. I feel so lucky to have grown up with him and his brother, Gary. They have really felt more like brothers to me. Even though after the age of 5 they moved to Hawaii and lived there until I was 19. They spent almost every summer with us, and when I graduated from Highschool I moved in with them for a little while, this is where I first heard the word Ohana. So having the chance for us to get together and share memories with our families was such a special part of the trip.

L&D are great travelers, they know how to hail a cab, walk for miles and approach everything with an open mind.  These are important skills :). Each one of these travels bonds us more. I once read a study that showed that the families that were the closest were the ones that created their own traditions, language and memories. In this respect, we have all that we need, and look forward to welcoming more to our Ohana!


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