Art Imitates Life

I saw Georges’ art slowly become influenced by our changing family shortly after we made the decision to adopt from Central America. He had taken a project in Chile for five weeks and during this time he also traveled throughout South America, putting his photography skills to work.  One of his paintings that he created when he came home was full of beautiful children from Bolivia.

Two of my favorite paintings are small watercolors he created on the first night that we spent with L&D in Guatemala City. With their tiny hands pressed in paint, they sat on their Papi’s lap and collaborated for the first time, but what would not be the last.









Diversity, adoption, and L&D have become common themes in  G’s paintings. Maybe not to the average onlooker, but knowing him, and what is in his heart I can see it in every brushstroke.

 To be included in the Diversity campaign in Sarasota, Florida was exciting. Not just because we got to take a family road trip to Florida, or because this was a great opportunity for thousands of people to see G’s work. But, mainly because we were part of the message of spreading diversity, adoption and LOVE. I am so proud of Georges for being part of this project! 



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