Empowering Women to Break the Cycle of Poverty


Early on after receiving the ‘referral’ for L&D I began to think about their birthmothers.  It began to weigh heavy on my heart that my ultimate joy, was the ultimate heartache of another women.  Both L&D’s bithmothers could not provide for them due to poverty, and they chose adoption.  I wanted to do something, even if it was small to contribute to helping to solve this problem.  I had just read the book, Banker to the Poor, by Muhammad Yunus, he had just won the Nobel Peace prize that year (2006), and I admired him, for his creation and work with The Grameen Bank.  This is an organization that provides micro-loans to women around the world. There are many non-profits that have taken on the mission of providing micro-loans.  The organization that I have found to be the easiest to work with, with the lowest administration fees is KIVA.  To date, we have provided 28 loans to countless women (many are group loans) mostly in Central and South America. I know it’s not much, but my hope is that it has helped at least a few women break the cycle of poverty and raise, and educate their children so their entire family is able to break this cycle.



2 thoughts on “Empowering Women to Break the Cycle of Poverty

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