L & D In Vegas!

A few weeks back we took a trip to see G’s parents.  I love visiting, for several reasons! G’s dad being French, means that we will eat well, and with his mom being Puerto Rican, means we will celebrate and party like we are in the Caribbean (although, the Puerto Rican food we eat is pretty Nom too!)! It’s also great being in their town, Vegas! The kids love to travel, and I love that they have the opportunity to speak Spanish with their Tio, Abuelo, Abuela & Papi (yea, I am still learning).  Our family is made up of many cultures, I am from California, L & D were born in Guatemala, and Georges was born in France, spent all his summers growing up there, and  raised in Puerto Rico. G lived in NYC for over 5 years, before moving to the South. When people look at our family and ask “Where are you from?” our short answer is…. Guate-Cali-French-a-Rican…and if any of the children we foster join our family as a forever member then we will add SOUTHERN to that list as well.


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