Travels Begin



A few weeks ago I posted on facebook that we were beginning a new chapter in our lives…many of you that know us well, guessed it, and we have shared this decision with a few friends and family. Instead of the excitement that we are feeling towards this new journey, we have felt trepidation from some…so I am hoping this blog will help friends and family understand our decision. I am also hoping that friends, family and possibly strangers may stumble upon this and realize the many blessings that adoption and foster care bring.

We adopted our two children from Guatemala 4 years ago, and we have always talked about adopting again. When the conversation of becoming foster parents came up, it wasn’t completely a new idea. It has been an evolution though. We were first introduced to foster parenting through our beautiful children’s foster parents, Rosa & Lorena.  We are still in touch with Rosa, and have had the privilege of  being  able to see her twice now, and we talk on the phone frequently.  We were/are very grateful for Rosa and Lorena, the two women who fostered our children while we were waiting to bring them home.  We thought, “How can they do this…love these child, and then let them go?”. Well, now we ask “How can we NOT love these children and possibly let them go?”

Now it’s the first question that I am sure many of our friends and family are asking.”How will they be able to let these these children go without their hearts breaking?”  We expect there to be heartache along this journey, and if there isn’t, it means we are not doing our job with our hearts open.  Here’s a question…if you knew that you would only have a year, 6 months or even a week with your child…would you choose not be with them? I believe that these children are meant to be ours, and imprint on our lives, as we imprint on theirs. It may be a few days, months, or they may stay forever…but whatever the length of time they are with us…they will be Family!


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